Munchkin Quest

Munchkin Quest

Munchkin Quest

The Munchkin Boardgame

Kill the monsters, grab the treasure, stab your buddy. Thats what its all about. Now Munckin Quest brings you a giant full-color dungeon, never the same twice, full of monsters and loot.

Cooperate with your fellow munchkins to destroy the big monsters and split their stuff... or go your own way and keep all the loot. When you open a door, you add a new room to the dungeon, and you meet a new monster. It could be the Potted Pland - or the Plutonium Dragon! Kill them or run away, but beware - the monsters can move, too, and they may come after you!

Every room in the dungeon has its own special effects. Some are good, some are bad, and some depend on your character type. If you wander far enough, you might find a room that gives you bonuses for both your Class and Race. Some rooms even offer you a Deal! The Hospital, for instance, gives munchkins a cheap place to heal up. And even if there isnt a Deal, you can search for treasure.

Gather magic items and gold to power up your munchkin, but the One True Goal is... Levels! Reach Level 10, and then try to get out alive. Youll need to fight your way past the Boss Monster, but that shouldnt be a problem. After all, its only level 20...

• 200 Cards
• 27 Health tokens
• 69 Gold pieces
• 12 Dropped items tokens
• 15 Move tokens
• 12 Search result tokens
• 4 Level counters
• 4 Plastic munchkins
• 12 Monster bases
• 24 Room tiles
• 1 Entrance tile
• 73 Links
• 38 Monster standies
• 8 6-sided dice
• 1 10-sided die
• 1 Six-colored monster die
• 20-page rulebook

Number of players: 2-4
Forlag: Steve Jackson Games
ISBN: 837654320693
Innbinding: Brettspill, Alder fra 12 år og oppover
Språk: Engelsk
Leveringstid: Midlertidig tomt - du vil få nærmere beskjed om leveringstid
Vår pris: 719,-

Salg - Gjør et kupp!

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