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Omslag - Second place

Second place

av Rachel Cusk

Leveringstid: 3-7 dager Fri frakt


A woman invites a famed artist to visit the remote coastal region where she lives, in the belief that his vision will penetrate the mystery of her life and landscape. Over the course of one hot summer, his provocative presence provides the frame for a study of female fate and male privilege, of the geometries of human relationships, and of the struggle to live morally between our internal and external worlds. With its examination of the possibility that art can both save and destroy us, Second Place is deeply affirming of the human soul, while grappling with its darkest demons.


Forfatter mm Rachel Cusk
Forlag Faber & Faber
Innbinding Heftet
Utgitt 2021
Emne Kunst
Type / Form Skjønnlitteratur Romaner
Språk Engelsk
ISBN/EAN 9780571366699
Antall sider 224 sider
Vekt 230 gram