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Omslag - Relaxed rustic

Relaxed rustic

– bring Scandinavian tranquility and nature into your home

av Niki Brantmark James Gardiner (fotografier av)

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Inspired by nature, these beautiful interiors show how you can bring the natural world into your homewhether you live in the country or the city. Relaxed rustic interiors are about embracing the pared-back lifestyle of living in the country, taking nature as the main point of inspiration. Use colours, textures and details to create a home in which to unwind a retreat from the rest of the world. Niki Brantmark explores various takes on this simple, informal style. The graphical look is striking, reminiscent of exposed landscapes: think whitewashed ceilings, rugged stone surfaces and striking black features, softened by cosy soft furnishings and fresh plants and flowers. Savanna style introduces warmer hues, featuring painted wood and reds, oranges and browns in textiles, furniture and collectibles. Nordic interiors take in the best of the Scandinavian landscape clean white backdrops against sleek designs while those inspired by forest and mountain streams are filled with rich, deep greens and blues, combined with traditional patterns and features, such as log burners, wood panelling and woven rugs. The stunning photography for this book takes in locations across Scandinavia and the United States, and all evoke an ideal, rural life, adapted to modern living.


Forfatter mm Niki Brantmark James Gardiner (fotografier av)
Forlag CICO Books
Innbinding Innbundet
Utgitt 2020
Emne Interiør
Type / Form Faglitteratur Illustrert
Språk Engelsk
ISBN/EAN 9781782498148
Antall sider 176 sider
Vekt 1010 gram